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My Florida Collection represents my love of my adopted state where I travel and continue to travel now capturing the dynamic development and redevelopment of my beloved State. I am starting a new project of photographing new architecture in Florida.

Presentations from Collections

Ms. Rosenzweig is now doing slide show presentations or core board presentations for venues with no slide show equipment on selections from her Florida Collection called With Love to Florida and her French Collection called vive la France.  She also does a combination of selections from both collections called With Love to Florida/Vive la France.  Ms. Rosenzweig speaks with no notes, presents historical information and locale information, photography skills and some insight into the future from her work.  She tells anecdotes of expeirences doing photography.  The fee for an hour and half presentation is $50.

Ms. Rosenzweig does one slide show presentation only called Contemporary Photographers ans Shots of Past.  She divides her groups according to genre and presents one genre at a time.  She shows the work of contemporary photographers and then masters before them.  After moving through selected genre, she ends up with the Camera Obscura and early photography.  The fee for this presentation is $75.  

Presntations are ongoing.

Presentations are now being done in Florida counties of Port St. Lucie, Indian County, Martin County, Palm Beach County and Broward County.